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Riksteater street art convention Art of the Street’s back!

On August 13 to 14 arranges the National Theater for the second consecutive year, the international street art Convention Art of the Streets. For two days, given the audience a unique opportunity to meet and be inspired by some of the world’s most interesting artists in graffiti and street art. In September the National Theatre are part of the acclaimed street art convention on tour. Among the artists: Mad C (Germany), known for his huge murals, world star Ikaroz (Sweden) and continuous topical Blue from Gothenburg. It will also display of graffiti movie ”Whole Train” which extolled at the Berlin International Film Festival, the film’s director Florian Gaag’re Convention.

At the National Theatre’s street art convention Art of the Streets, visitors can take part in workshops, live paintings, sketch battles and interviews with some of the world’s most interesting artists today. It also provides an opportunity for anyone to exercise freedom of painting on the wall of the open method, one who normally is impossible to Stockholm where there is zero tolerance towards arts graffiti and street art in the capital. In addition to artists’ meetings and painting will lecture on the Berlin Wall from a graffiti perspectives and debate on the Stockholm graffiti policy and free speech. There will also be talks about the exciting love affair between graffiti and tattoo art, and how graffiti can act as a springboard into a career.

– National Theatre see graffiti and street art that obvious art forms in a modern and transparent Sweden. The Art of the Streets gives us room for one of the world’s largest participatory culture and art forms. For us it is a question of democracy and free speech, ”said Ceylan Holago, a producer at the National Theatre.

Art of the Streets in 2011 proudly presents:

Mad C
Mad C is an international graffiti artist and writer from Germany. She is best known for his massive burner walls, balanced pieces and for his passion for detail. Last year, Mad C, a 700 square foot work, probably the largest graffiti painting ever created by one person. Her second book, ”Street Fonts – Graffiti Alphabets From Around The World” has just come out (spring 2011) and are published in six languages ​​(English from Thames & Hudson). Right now, a public exhibition of Mad C’s art at Pure Evil Gallery in London.

Familiarize yourself with Mad C:

Ikaroz is one of the most influential artists, and many years working both in urban space and in galleries and museums. He is best known for his eccentric characters who influenced generations of graffiti writers, but is also an accomplished painter style that allows its characters to borrow forms of the figures. Ikaroz is based in Stockholm but is originally from Umeå and was a founding crewet Norrland Gold.

Familiarize yourself with Ikaroz:

Blue or Carolina Falkholt as her real name, has been painting graffiti since the mid 1990’s. She lives in Gothenburg and has made several large murals in the city. Under the slogan Grafitta she often combines graffiti with performance art and electronic music. Blue describes her art as a relational and process engineering. The best thing is to spray ”because it is so nice.” Blue has exhibited paintings in particular, Göteborgs Konsthall and is in the summer issue with an exhibition at the Gothenburg Museum of Art. Previously, she also was responsible for the large graffiti exhibition in Mariestad in 2010 and for the art exhibition ”When graffiti came to the village” on the cliff gallery this spring. This year, she was also up to date with exhibition Death Paint with Nug at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm.

Visit the Blue:

More artists to come.

The film ”Whole Train” by Florian Gaag
Whole Train is the first major European feature film about graffiti and the culture surrounding the art form. It has been lauded and praised in numerous festivals and film galas around the world, including the Urban World Vibe Film Festival in New York, Kiev International Film Festival Molodist, Sarajevo International Film Festival, Boston International Film Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival. The film, to the beats of the second KRS-One, and Freddie Foxxx, follow a crew graffiti writers. The subculture hierarchies, values ​​and codes chiselled out when night after night follows with his friends David, Tino, Elvas and Achim down into the subway. When a new crew suddenly pops up starting a creative struggle that will change their lives. Whole Train is a film about friendship, about living on the edge of the forbidden, and above all the unbridled creativity and love for art. Director Florian Gaag has not only worked with the legendary hip-hop artists, the film also works by some of the world’s top graffiti artists – Neon, Won, Cemnoz, Pure and Ciel.

Whole Train, Trailer <>

Front wall – the heart of the Art of the Streets
On Kägelbanan balcony based Riksteatern up a long wall that all visitors are welcome to paint on. The wall will be open throughout the weekend between 12:00 to 20:00 and used for both free painting for workshops and live paintings by invited artists. Color can be purchased on site.

Lectures and discussions: the Berlin wall, graffiti stepping stones and tattoos
Jacob Kimvall, doctoral candidate at the Department of Art History at the University of Stockholm, and Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, publishing manager and street art guide, tells us, based on research and personal experience of the Berlin Wall. Just today, fifty years began building the Berlin Wall, the most visible symbol of the Cold War division of Europe. But the Berlin Wall west side became over time the world’s longest legal graffiti wall. The picture of the graffiti-filled west side of the wall became a symbol in itself – for freedom of expression and individualism. What did the Berlin Wall to freedom in the West? And what did you on graffiti in the east to where it came only after the wall came down? Jacob Kimvall and Tobias Barenthin Lindblad says, based on research and personal experience.

There is also a conversation about how graffiti has served as a springboard into the professional lives of many artists. Here we meet known and unknown people with inspiring stories that take us far away from the prejudice of graffiti that highway down to destruction with drugs and crime.

There will also be a discussion about the interesting love relationship between graffiti art and tattoo art. Tattooing has gone from being an obscure outsider culture to one of the world’s widest popular cultural phenomenon. Graffiti and tattoo has since the 1980s had an intimate exchange of motifs and ideas. Some of the hottest names in Swedish tattoo art participates in the conversation and talks about his relationship with graffiti.

Debate: Stockholm graffiti policies – a threat to free speech?
Stockholm is the last capital city in Europe maintains a zero tolerance for street art and graffiti. Zero tolerance means that all municipal activities in Stockholm are forbidden to allow graffiti motifs in exhibitions, on-demand art or in any way include the aesthetics of graffiti in their activities. Zero tolerance policy also prevents employees, officials and politicians to discuss graffiti in contexts not clearly condemn the art direction.

What does it mean that Stockholm has a policy that cuts off the conversation about an art form and stop the artists from exercising their art? Politicians, officials and experts debating and meet citizens. Are also shown and discussed Stockholm’s renowned information film ”An identity in the Color”.

Art of the Streets on tour
National Theatre takes this fall’s notorious international street art convention Art of the Streets on tour. With a 14 meter mobile open wall, exciting artists, films and lectures, visits the Art of the Street’s several places in the country. The convention welcomes all who are interested in street art and graffiti, both active local artists as curious onlookers of all ages who want to know more about one of the world’s most renowned art forms. Further information about locations, programs and people presented by the summer.

Art of the Streets is part of the National Theatre’s commitment to urban cultural expressions, the project National Theatre Movement. Through productions Pump Up the Jam, Take Mike and Art of the Streets, the National Theatre set the foundation for this project which produces and builds networks nationally and internationally.

Art of the Streets 2011, Sat-Sun August 13 to 14, Southern Theater, Kägelbanan, Stockholm


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